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Search Process

Every search project is custom designed to meet the needs of the client. Typically, our process includes the following key steps:

  • Based on our client's objectives, we develop a detailed outline of the search criteria taking into consideration the required core skills of the Ideal candidate, as well as the company, culture to insure a successful hire.
  • Access our network of over 25,000 industry contacts and research targeted companies to identify potential candidates and develop a search group
  • Identify the highest quality candidates for the role. We target both candidates that are actively seeking employment, and passive candidates that best fit our client's profile based on experience, geography and compensation restraints
  • Complete a thorough initial screening of potential candidates and stimulate their interest in the company and the specific position
  • Present a select few of the highest caliber, pre-qualified candidates to our clients for review, after concluding an individual fit analysis
  • Manage the full interview process, conduct reference checks, and all related logistics as needed
  • Provide follow-up information after each phase of the hiring process and maintain close communication with our client in order to lead to an appropriate hiring decision
  • Manage the critical offer process and all related negotiations during and after the offer stage
  • Provide support throughout the transition phase to insure a smooth start for the candidate

Cedrone & O'Neill search project efforts are supported by:

  • 50+ years of combined experience within the channel
  • Our strong, active network of leading industry contacts
  • A unique partnership approach
  • An established history in effectively managing key search assignments
  • A specialized focus in the consumer goods and industrial channels.
  • A proven track record of success