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Outplacement / Career Transition

Career transition is not a one-size-fits-all process, and organizations as well as individuals have unique needs. Cedrone and O'Neill offers a variety of programs that are customizable to the levels of impacted employees as well as your goals and budget. All candidates benefit from a personalized approach to career transition with connections to critical resources until they secure a new opportunity.

Whether you are transitioning a few employees or going through a major restructuring, Cedrone & O'Neill has the tools and expertise to help you plan an effective restructuring strategy and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish. Most importantly, we will help ensure that your affected employees land new roles quickly and confidently, and that the employees you retain remain positive, committed and focused.

For a detailed list of some of the Outplacement and Career Transition services offered by Cedrone and O'Neill, please visit our Overview of Services page.