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Why Cedrone & O'Neill

  • Our team has over 16 years of recruitment experience in core markets within the industrial and consumer channels.
  • We maintain a proven track record of successful placements with many of the most prestigious businesses in the industrial and consumer marketplace.
  • We offer a vast nationwide network of over 25,000 industry contacts.
  • We perform exclusively retained searches matching you with your ideal role.
  • We match your qualifications and goals with those of our clients. Our firm then contacts you directly with information about the position, and the freedom to explore the opportunity. This allows you, the job seeker, to probe the market without exposure.
  • We pre-screen our applicants before presentation to the client. This ensures a good match, and little waste of your time.
  • We offer additional services for our candidates as needed.

Privacy Statement

Cedrone & O'Neill is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our candidates. Your information will not be shared with organizations outside our firm without your permission. Information provided to Cedrone & O'Neill is strictly confidential and intended for the sole use of Cedrone & O'Neill's principals working on your placement with our clients.